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Someone else’s error can change your life

Car accidents happen every day, but that doesn’t make them any less frightening. They can happen anytime, and when you’re involved in one, it can completely alter your day — and sometimes your life.

Common causes of car accidents

Avvo, an online legal services marketplace, wrote an article in 2009 about the top six causes of California auto accidents. They found speeding, improper turns, bad merging, DUIs, drifting out of the lane, and distracted driving were the leading causes of car accidents in California.

The breakdown of California car accidents for 2007 is staggering:

  • 149,258 car crashes were caused by speeding
  • 85,967 car accidents were caused by bad turns
  • 1,404 wrongful deaths were caused by drowsy driving
  • 15,574 car accidents occurred when drivers drifted their car out of their lane
  • 4,704 wrongful deaths were caused by distracted drivers

Distracted drivers may have been talking on their cell phones, eating fast food, gazing at scenery, sipping coffee, applying makeup, or playing with the car stereo. More than 6,000 car crash deaths in 2007 were caused simply by drowsy or distracted drivers.

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Sometimes a car accident is more than just an inconvenience. A car accident can also result in an injury, making it even more difficult and expensive to resolve the issue and move forward. Unfortunately, many of these injuries can be extremely serious, leaving a driver facing hospitalization and months of recovery. Physicians Now Urgent Care has noted there are five common types of injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

If I Was Injured in a Car Accident in Orange County, What Steps Should I Take to Give My Case the Best Possible Outcome?

If you were injured in a car accident, the first step you should take would be to call the police. Ask them to come out to do a police report to get the facts of the accident. Take pictures of the accident scene, and if possible, take pictures before the cars are moved. While you can take more pictures of the vehicles after they’re moved, it’s important to get them before they’re moved so you can show how the impact happened. Get the information of the other parties involved (their driver’s license, their insurance card). Don’t forget to take pictures of their vehicle and pictures of them, if possible…Read More

Neck injuries

Neck injuries and, most commonly whiplash, occur when the accident causes the driver’s head to shake. This sudden, high level of pressure can lead to strains and/or sprains in the neck ligaments. While whiplash tends to heal by itself over time, some more serious neck injuries can require physical therapy and surgery.

Leg and knee injuries

Leg and knee injuries can includes cuts, bruises, and broken bones and are typically caused by the car getting smashed in the accident. Knees may tear or dislocate, while ankles and toes can break or sprain.

Broken bones

Broken bones can range in level of severity, but they always require immediate emergency care. Depending on which bones break and how, treatment may include a cast, surgery, and/or hospitalization.

Back injuries

Back injuries can range from minor strains and dislocations to serious spine injuries. At the lower end of the spectrum, patients may only need supportive care. More serious injuries can lead to chronic pain and loss of mobility, completely altering a patient’s life.


Concussions often occur when a driver hits their head on the window or the steering wheel, but they can occur without the head hitting any surface. A mild concussion just needs rest and time to heal, while more serious concussions can lead to hospitalization and surgery.

Seek medical attention immediately

Many drivers to not consider the severity of these injuries while they’re out on the road. That’s part of why car accidents can be so heartbreaking: many of them are caused by unfocused drivers and can lead to serious injuries. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you must get medical attention. An attorney can use documentation from your examination and recurring bills to help build a case for your recovery.

Let a La Habra, CA accident attorney help you

At Holland & Holland, we understand just how much a car accident can change your life. Whether you’re the driver at fault or you were a victim to another person’s driving, you deserve fair representation from a team of experienced attorneys. We will help you navigate the steps after being involved in a car accident. Contact us today for a consultation.

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