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Personal Injury In Perspective: This Attorney Fights For Car Accident Victims Like Him Lawyer, La Habra City

In this article, you will learn about the personal injury process from a California lawyer who has, himself, been injured in a severe car accident. It will discuss:

  • Personal injury attorney Derek Holland’s severe car accident, injury, and recovery process.
  • How this car accident, injury, and recovery process, have impacted and informed the work he does helping accident and injury victims recover damages.
  • Why a small law firm like his can be the ideal champion for your personal injury case after an accident.

How Can A Car Accident Injury Help Power A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Over the course of his 13 years serving California’s citizens as a trusted personal injury attorney, Derek Holland has also had the misfortune of needing one himself. However, being directly involved in an auto accident and suffering significant injuries has given him a unique and potent perspective on what his clients are going through, what they need, and how to get it.

Being in a car accident can certainly change your life, and Derek Holland’s case was no exception. With injuries that took over a year of physical therapy to recover fully from, he knows firsthand the pain and expense of going back to the doctor, week after week. He also has experienced the benefits of doing so – and how important it is to be able to afford the necessary medical attention and expertise that helped him get back to 100% (or at least, as close to it as he could hope for).

While this was a terrible experience, it did have its silver lining. Having seen the client’s side of the accident, injury, and of course, the personal injury process firsthand has helped Derek Holland become an even stronger advocate for victims – and an even better personal injury lawyer.

What Advice Can A Personal Injury Attorney And Automobile Accident Victim Offer?

While you hope never to be in an injury-causing accident, or any accident at all, the truth is most Americans will be in at least one collision in their lifetime – and many will have to deal with moderate to severe injuries.

The first piece of advice Derek Holland offers accident victims is to prioritize their injury recovery. You should listen to your doctors, get the medical attention you need, and continue with therapy and treatments even when they might not seem necessary or worth the cost.

Doing so ensures you recover as best you can from your injury, and can help avoid complications and deterioration in the future. Besides, as he knows all too well from both his own experience and his years fighting in personal injury lawsuits, the medical costs can certainly be recovered.

His second piece of advice is to contact a trusted and experienced personal injury attorney – and to do so quickly. The more time your lawyer has to prepare your case, and the faster they can gather fresher information about the accident and injury, the more likely you are to recover substantial and full compensation.

Finally, he understands the importance of getting back on the road and returning to full vehiculated independence. As a result, neither Derek Holland, nor his small personal injury law firm, take a percentage of clients’ vehicle repair, or other property damage compensation. Aspects like this prove that he has been in the same position as his clients, and it shows.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Small Personal Injury Law Firm Compared To A Large One?

Working with a smaller firm, like the one Derek Holland runs, is a lot more personal than hiring a big faceless personal injury law firm. Much of the time, if you call a small firm to ask questions, you will be able to talk to lawyers, like Derek Holland, directly, rather than just an aid or assistant like you might at a larger firm.

In fact, many clients who switch away from larger firms complain that they never even met the attorney who was supposedly representing their case. If you call a small firm, on the other hand, they’re much more likely to get back to you quickly and be attentive to your needs.

What’s more, the experience at a small personal injury law firm is a lot more personal but no less complete and thorough. A small firm does everything a big firm can do, only for far fewer clients and with a smaller team. You will get to know those working on your team, and they will get to know you, providing a service wherein each client is treated that much more carefully and empathetically.

For more information on Personalized Personal Injury Attention To Clients, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling Holland & Holland at (562) 600-0807 today.


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