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The two most common places slip and fall cases occur are in retail and grocery stores. In busy stores, people either slip on things on the ground like water, grapes, fruit, or other items people have dropped. Typically, the stores have not cleaned up in quick enough time to prevent a slip and fall. Additionally, there are accidents that occur in public on raised or cracked sidewalks.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Accidents?

A wet floor is the most common cause of a slip and fall accident. A liquid on the ground from a spilled liquid or leaky appliance are the biggest culprits. When people are shopping, looking at products, they may not see the water on the ground. Additionally, raised or cracked sidewalks cause people to trip and fall in public.

What Type Of Injuries Do People Sustain In Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Incidents?

Consistently, there are a greater number of neck and back injuries. In addition, people may suffer from shoulder, head, knee, and ankle injuries depending on the severity of their slip or trip and fall.

I Was Injured At A Friend’s Apartment Complex And Want To File A Personal Injury Claim, Who Should I Bring A Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Claim Against?

If the injuries occurred within the common areas of the complex, areas the property management is responsible for maintaining, the claim would be brought against the insurance complex.

If your injuries occurred within a private apartment leased by a friend or acquaintance, your claim would be against your friend and their insurance company.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Has Been Injured At A Loved One Or Family Member’s Apartment And Doesn’t Want To Pursue A Claim Against Their Loved One?

It is normal to feel hesitant about pursuing legal action against a loved one or family member. people are hesitant. By filing a claim, you are not suing them. You would only get into a lawsuit by suing them if you don’t recover within the statute of limitations time, which is two years.

You are just filing a claim with the insurance company. If your recovery is smooth and we can settle the claim with the insurance company, you will not need to sue your friend, family, or loved one.

Should A Slip And Fall Injury That Occurred At Work Be Filed Under Workers’ Compensation Or Should I File A Personal Injury Claim? What Is The Difference?

If you are injured at work as a result of a slip and fall, it should be filed under worker’s compensation. Before you can settle a third party claim, the workers’ compensation claim has to be finished first. When you settle the third party claim, that insurance company would be entitled to get an offset, which is a reduction of what they have to pay based on the settlement from the workers’ compensation case.

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