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Motorcycle riders generally sustain much more severe injuries than you’d see in a typical motor vehicle accident. Leg injuries are common. The legs are usually an impact zone when riders are hit directly by a vehicle due to the height of the vehicle Riders are also commonly thrown from their bikes because of a lack of seatbelts and roll cages. We see a lot of injuries to the neck, back, ribs, and head. Concussions are typical because the rider might hit their head on the pavement; even with a helmet, they can still sustain a head injury. Road rash is also common.

As a Driver or a Passenger on a Motorcycle, Am I required to Wear a Helmet or Other Safety Gear in California? Would It Hurt My Personal Injury Case If I Was Not Wearing the Gear When I Was Injured?

Helmets are required in California, and therefore, if you’re not wearing a helmet, it would hurt your case. The insurance company is going to point to you breaking the law and not wearing the safety gear that you’re supposed to be wearing as a contributing factor to your injuries, especially with a head injury. If you’re not wearing a helmet and your head hits the pavement, it’s not going to be good; you’re going to experience very severe injuries, if not death, and the insurance company is going to say, “Well, if you were wearing a helmet, you wouldn’t have been injured as badly as you were.”

What Is the Value In Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney Who Has Specific Experience In Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases In Orange County?

As far as our experience, we’ve ridden motorcycles as recreation, so we’re familiar with all aspects of the danger to motorcycle riders. For example, when motorcycle riders split cars, you have to be very attentive to what those other vehicles are doing. A lot of people don’t pay attention or don’t see motorcyclists, and that’s how many motorcycle accidents happen.

What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Orange County or the Surrounding Areas That You See?

The common causes for motorcycle accidents are similar to what you see in other types of accidents, mainly drivers not paying enough attention in their vehicle. Motorcycles are a lot smaller than trucks and cars, making them that much harder to notice. If you’re not paying full attention, you might not even see a motorcycle until it’s too late.

Do You Find There’s a Bias Toward the Motorcycle Riders When These Cases Go to Trial? Do Judges or Jury Members Have Misconceptions About Motorcycle Riders Being Risky and Driving Too Fast?

The presence of bias depends on the type of motorcycle involved. Street bikes, I think, have a more negative stigma for racing and speeding in between cars than, say, a Harley Davidson or a similar type of motorcycle. It also depends on the type of accident, if you are rear ended while you are sitting still at a red light or you are hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light, then there isn’t much of a bias against motorcyclists.

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