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In this article, you will discover:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a bicycle rider in Southern California
  • Who is potentially liable in a bicycle accident
  • How the severity of injuries affects your settlement
  • If future medical costs are considered in your settlement
  • How you can help your attorney get the best possible outcome for my lawsuit

Your rights and responsibilities as a bicycle rider in Southern California are the same as if you were driving a motor vehicle. When you are riding a bicycle on the road, the laws are the same as if you are driving a car. Your responsibilities are probably even more so than driving a car, because getting hit while on a bicycle could cause much more severe injuries than if you were driving a car.

Who Is Potentially Liable In My Bicycle Accident Case?

The person who caused the accident is potentially liable in your bicycle accident case. Obviously, you can be partially at fault if you make illegal turns or illegal lane changes. As stated earlier, the same rules of the road apply to bicycle riders as car drivers. You should be using hand signals and obeying traffic laws.

Does The Severity Of The Injury I Have As A Result Of My Bicycle Accident Ensure The Likelihood Of A Larger Settlement?

The case will be worth more, but it does not ensure a larger settlement. This is because you could be limited by the liability limits that the party that hit you carries. We have handled numerous cases in the past where our client’s injuries made their cases worth $100,000 or more, but the person that hit them only had a minimum policy of $15,000 over 30,000, and our clients had the same uninsured motorist coverage or they didn’t have uninsured motorist coverage at all. That is why it is important to make sure you have good uninsured motorist coverage and limits.

Will All My Future Medical Costs Be Taken Into Account For A Settlement Amount After A Bicycle Accident?

Yes, your future medical costs will be taken into account, as long as it is reasonable and medically necessary according to a doctor. However insurance companies when trying to negotiate cases for settlement prior to a lawsuit being filed, won’t take all future treatment into effect until the treatment is done. They like to take the position that they are not paying for something that may not happen.

What Can I Do To Assist My Attorney In Getting The Best Possible Settlement Or Outcome In My Bicycle Accident Injury Case In California?

To get the best possible settlement, it is important to follow the advice of your attorney’s office and to stick to the treatment plan from your doctor. Do not speak to the insurance companies involved, but let your attorney do that. You will need to gather documents needed for your file, including, photos, insurance cards, and other paperwork that your attorney will ask for. Also it is extremely helpful to keep a pain journal to let your attorney know how the accident has affected your daily life and the hobbies that you generally enjoy.

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