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La Habra may be considered, by some, to be just one more indistinguishable California suburb of LA. Unfortunately, when it comes to car, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, La Habra is trending in exactly the opposite direction of the neighboring metropolis.

As accidents, injuries, and even fatalities have been falling in LA and stabilizing in California overall, the last three years alone have witnessed a distressing rise in injuries on La Habra roads.

One consolation, perhaps, for the victims of these increasingly frequent crashes is the presence of experienced personal injury attorneys like Derek Holland, who is ready to step in and help La Habra accident victims get the compensation they deserve.

La Habra Trends Opposite To LA In Car, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Accidents

Over the last three years, accident rates in Los Angeles have been falling sharply. New safety measures, improved roadways, and even increased work-from-home rates have all been accredited for roadway injuries and fatalities falling nearly 50% since 2020. During a time in which, on average, California accident rates rose slightly (potentially due to the impact of Covid in 2020) by just over 6.5%.

La Habra, on the other hand, has seen trends go in the opposite direction. Since 2019, the overall number of injuries on La Habra roadways rose by a staggering 88%. This trend holds not just for car accidents, but motorcycle (which increase by 63% compared to falling by 30% in LA) and bicycle accidents (+33% compared to nearly 70% less in LA) as well.

While no single satisfactory explanation emerges for the trend, differences between Orange County and Los Angeles roadworks, policies, and even law enforcement behavior may all play a role. Regardless of the reason, these accidents are leaving an increasing number of La Habra residents injured, often with staggering medical bills, time lost from work, and unable to continue commuting.

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Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Solutions For La Habra Accident Victims

Personal Injury Lawyer, La Habra, California

Accidents don't just leave behind damaged cars and broken property, they also shatter lives. La Habra residents are becoming all too familiar with the deluge of medical bills that follow an injury, particularly the rising number of bicycle and motorcycle accidents, which are much more likely to produce serious injuries or deaths.

While the trauma of an accident extends deep into families’ savings and financial futures, there are solutions to help them cover the expenses and harm they have suffered.

Personal injury attorneys, like Derek Holland, are able to help La Habra car, motorcycle, and bicycle accident victims file personal injury claims (or wrongful death suits, in the unfortunate case of fatalities) to recover as much compensation as possible.

What Compensation Can Personal Injury Claims Offer La Habra Injured?

Personal injury claims can be brought against a negligent driver of the truck, car, or other vehicle which caused the accident; or more likely, their insurance company. Solutions even exist for accidents caused by uninsured drivers, notably thanks to uninsured motorist coverage. Sometimes however, if the accident happened as a result of a flaw in the roadway, traffic signals, or other third party, then they can also be held responsible and be required to pay.

With the help of personal injury accident lawyers, a settlement can often be reached after a motor vehicle accident injury that will allow the victim to recover compensation for most or even all of the cost and harm suffered. While this can cover essential medical expenses, it can also cover ongoing medical costs associated with the injury as well as non-medical damages such as lost wages.

If a settlement cannot be reached, personal injury lawyers like Derek Holland are prepared to take La Habra accident victims’ cases to court if necessary.

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Getting La Habra Accident Victims The Medical Attention They Need


As accident rates rise, so do injuries, and some residents of La Habra may feel unable to afford the full medical attention they need, much less a lawyer to help recover compensation.

But attorneys like Derek Holland work first and foremost for the people of La Habra so full recovery is always a priority. That is why Derek Holland often works on a contingency basis, which means he will not charge if you do not win your claim.

Finally, because getting your vehicle back in shape and fully operational is essential to returning to work, Derek Holland won't even charge a fee for any of the property damages you can recover with his help.

It is unclear if the accident trends will continue or stabilize in La Habra over the coming years. But one thing is certain, if you are injured on La Habra roadways, you can reach out to Derek Holland at no cost to seek the compensation you need, and medical coverage you require, to get back on your feet.

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