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Holland & Holland Law Offices

Were you recently the victim of another’s wrongdoing or neglect and suffered as a result? Whether the difficulty you endured brought about physical, financial, or emotional damages, you may be entitled to compensation as per California law. Navigating the legal system and undergoing everything involved can be taxing in several ways, whether emotionally or financially. Do not worsen an already bad situation by dealing with the legal world, where you have no experience, and exposing yourself to even more stressors. So much is on the line. Partnering with a personal injury compensation lawyer ensures you receive the best compensation possible without potentially subjecting yourself to more physical, emotional, or financial damage.

Derek Holland of Holland & Holland Law Offices has served Anaheim, CA, and the neighboring vicinity for over a decade. Holland leverages his experience and expertise in personal injury law to deliver solutions as a personal injury settlement attorney. The firm’s many clients have received compensation through its personalized approach coupled with a deep joy of helping people unjustly put under challenging times at no doing or fault of their own. Holland & Holland Law Offices strategizes and fights insurance companies and wrongdoers, freeing all wrongly injured in Anaheim, CA, to recover as seamlessly as possible.

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Where We Fight For You

Holland & Holland Law Offices offers legal services in several areas within negligence and personal injury cases, including:

Car Accidents;

These can be life-changing events, whether due to severe physical injuries or financial setbacks from a totaled car and subsequent physical therapy. Although they are never fun for any party, you are protected by California law and may be entitled to compensation. A personal injury claim lawyer from Holland & Holland Law Offices will help you determine how to escalate your case. Insurance companies, concerned only with saving money and not doing what is right, are known to walk over victims who self-represent themselves in the legal process. We do not let them do this to you. We leverage our reputation and expertise to fight them in court, bringing you what you need to be made whole.

Motorcycle Accidents;

Full of beautiful scenery and rider-friendly roads, motorcyclists from throughout the country and world come to Anaheim, CA, and other parts of Southern California to experience the ride of a lifetime. This is a recipe for countless accidents, however. These injuries can be more severe than those suffered in car accidents because of how a motorcycle is designed – no walls or seatbelts protect individuals from impact or inertia. Broken bones, road rash, and concussions are common. Your personal injury attorney at Holland & Holland Law Offices will ensure you are restored in every way possible.

Accidents involving trucks;

Countless trucks drive through Anaheim, CA, to service the Port of Los Angeles. Getting in an accident with one is different from getting in one with another regular vehicle because there is a unique set of laws for accidents that involve trucks. Insurance companies are even more heartless in these cases because there is so much more on the line. Commercial policies are in the tens of millions of dollars in most situations. With these massive policies to fall back on, the trucking company and insurance company will most likely drag cases to trial with the goal of draining you of patience and money. Holland & Holland Law Offices does not let it happen.

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Wrongful death

Wrongful death is when an individual is liable for the death of your loved one and usually includes cases of negligence, medical malpractice, and even intentional action. If you are the spouse or domestic partner, child, or grandchildren of the individual who was the victim of wrongful death, you have the right to take legal action. Damages awarded are both economic and non-economic in nature and determined by the deceased’s occupation, health, level of activity, and general lifestyle. We have you navigate this painful ordeal.

Premises liability

These are cases where you are harmed due to the negligence of the property owner, lessor, or occupier. Inherent with ownership or maintenance of a property is the duty to keep it in a condition where all who use it are safe from harm. Failure to do that brings legal consequences. Holland & Holland Law Offices can help you decide whether it is worth taking your case to trial or negotiate an excellent settlement for you.

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