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In this article, you will discover:

  • Common causes of trucking accidents
  • Damages that one might recover in a trucking accident
  • How costs for future medical treatments are determined
  • If you should hire a lawyer for a truck accident

Similar to any other accident, inattention is a common cause of big truck accidents. It is different because it can be difficult to see people in cars when driving a big truck with a trailer. People in cars do not always expect a wide turn from a truck driver, therefore getting in the truck’s way. If the truck driver cannot see them, this could cause an accident.

What Damages Might I Be Able To Recover For My Severe Injuries As A Result Of A Trucking Accident?

Some of the damages you are able to recover start with the special damages, which are doctor bills, bills that you or your auto insurance have paid relating to your treatment for the accident. They might include present and future bills for ongoing treatments. You might have a life care plan that will detail ongoing treatments and how much it will cost.

You might also recover general damages, which are pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering cover the ways in which the accident has negatively impacted your life and your ability to do the things you did before the accident.

Lastly, you may be able to recover loss of earnings. You might receive loss of earnings for the time you have missed work due to your injuries. You can also recover future loss of earnings, if you can no longer perform your job for a period of time or permanently.

Is It Worth Fighting A Large Trucking Company’s Powerful Insurance Company To Pay Out My Medical Bills For Serious Injuries?

Yes, it is worth fighting a large trucking company’s insurance company. If you are seriously injured and the liability lies with the trucking company, you should be compensated for the injuries caused by the negligence of their insured. Generally, there will be more serious injuries in a truck accident, meaning the damages will be greater than those in an automobile accident.

What Is My California Trucking Accident Case Worth? How Are Costs For Future Medical Treatments Calculated In?

Costs for future medical treatments are calculated by looking at what the doctor says is necessary treatment in the future, especially if you have a permanent injury that will require lifelong treatment. You and your team will generate a life care plan. There are companies that will work on that to outline what the treatments in the future will be and how much those treatments will cost.

Why Should I Retain Legal Representation From An Experienced Trucking Accident Lawyer In Orange County To Get Fair Compensation?

A little more goes into the investigation stage of a truck accident, so hiring a lawyer who has had experience with truck cases will be beneficial to winning your case.

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