Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage

Why do I need UM/UIM coverage on my auto policy? Approximately 1 in 8 people are driving around without auto insurance. Aren’t you required by law to have insurance on your auto? Yes, but the fact that it is required does not change the numbers. Approximately 13% of people are driving without auto insurance. Add to that fact that a lot of the people driving around with auto insurance are driving with the bare minimum required by law. In California that amount is 15/30/5. What do those number mean? $15,000 bodily injury limits for one person injured, $30,000 per accident but the most any one person can receive is $15,000. The last number is $5,00 for property damage. If there are multiple vehicles damaged in an accident and multiple claimants, the minimums can get used up fast and you can be left with a claim that is worth money than is available.

Protect yourself with uninsured motorist insurance

You have the power to purchase insurance coverage to ensure your family is financially protected in the event you or a loved one falls victim to an accident caused by an uninsured driver. Most reputable auto insurance carriers sell “Uninsured” coverage which includes underinsured motorist coverage. This insurance will effectively stand in the shoes of the uninsured at-fault driver and compensate you for injuries and damages that would otherwise be owed to you by the at-fault drivers auto insurance company. I would recommend purchasing at least $100,000 of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If your liability limits are not at least $100/300, then at least make sure your uninsured motorist coverage is equal to your liability limits.

It is also important to note, your insurance company plays an adversarial role when paying out uninsured or underinsured motorist damages to you. Your insurance company will effectively defend the uninsured driver’s position on the case thereby limiting the amount of money that will be paid out on the claim.

Consider retaining a California personal injury attorney. An experienced California auto accident attorney can help protect your rights and evaluate all the evidence including the police report to determine whether you have a right to compensation. An attorney may also be able to help you find a doctor who will accept a medical lien. Retaining an attorney will allow you to focus on getting better and not dealing with the insurance companies, your attorney will handle that. Your attorney can also draft an insurance demand letter that is likely to get a settlement offer. Please give us a call at Holland and Holland (562)694-3821 for a free consultation.

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